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I was using the soundboard (ezb) control. Just couldn't figure out how to use it until I stumble upon the fact that a file selection dialogue box opens when you click in a field.

I'll have to experiment to figure out what the line numbers can be used for or if I have to manually play each file and if I have to build a 500 phrase database etc. Any good tutorials that may be relevant?

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In a script control, you can access the control commands which will let you select the track number you wish to play

Add a script control to your project or use an existing one.

Open the script editor and right click the script text input field.

Put your mouse Pointer on the "Soundboard V4) option which will expand the ControlCommand() list for the board. You will see

Soundboard v4 Stop: Stops playing the track.

Soundboard v4 Track random: Plays random tracks from the soundboard,

Soundboard v4 Track #: This will play the track number you select. If you have 500 tracks on the soundboard, you will see the 500 track numbers that you can choose.

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If you do add 500 tracks though, they might not all save as I believe the tracks a stored in the RAM of the computer you are using. I tried this a few months back and could only hold about 15 three minute music tracks and couldn't store any more. Speech phrases or sound effects would be a lot shorter than three minutes... just seconds, so you should be able to store more. I did find a work around though to store 100's of tracks with the help of the guys here using a media player to play the sounds through a soundboard control.

Actually, you have given me an idea, so I'll see if I can knock up a proper in depth soundboard tutorial today going through the various uses and options of these controls. I'll let you know once it's up. For now though, there is a tutorial that has some steps in it that you may find useful.:)

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Nice idea for the soundboard tutorial ...