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Some New Website Features


I jumped into website code mode tonight.

Attach File You can upload either a JPG or EZB file. It will upload the file and automatically insert the link text into the message window for you.

RSS Feed Some of you may have already seen this. But I added it a few days ago. You can add the RSS feed to your phone or desktop gadget. Now you can see all of the forum conversations without having to logon

Avatar Tired of seeing my ugly mug? You can share yours too! Click on Account Settings and upload a JPG. All jpg's are resized to 120x120. For best quality, you'll want to edit yours to 120x120. Otherwise, it'll do it automagically...

Country Location Everyone's country location is displayed now. No choice to hide it, i think it's important that we share at least our country location:) .. If you're running from the cops, we probably don't want you here anyway :D


Upgrade to ARC Pro

Get access to the latest features and updates before they're released. You'll have everything that's needed to unleash your robot's potential!


was that RSS feed my idea?:) also can you allow us to delete our own posts? the 2nd from the last word in your post should be "here" lol but other than that you made a grade of 99! woohoo


Very, very nice additions to the site. DARN, DJ I just don't know how you have time to do all that you do!!! I've been wanting to show some pics of my robot Jeep, now I can!Thanx


It's awesome to see everyone using the avatar feature!


Thanks DJ, I have been waiting for the chance to share my EZB files and get some feedback


Youtube videos can be full screen from embedded player now


Wow. I don't quite understand how to upload pictures of videos. Can you run through it with me?


Sorry, I meant pictures and videos


Just a suggestion. Perhaps you could extend the profiles as well. Give users the ability to give descriptions of their abilities. This could be combined with private messaging, allowing other users to contact the users that they believe could help them most.


added to the list :)

To upload pictures is the same way you uploaded your EZB file.

For videos, you need the youtube url. Not the channel URL. You need the actual video url. For example...

Channel URL looks like this:

Video URL:

If you look at the webpage from either of those links, you'll see a difference. A channel URL is NOT a video. Sure it has a video on it, but that video can change based on the channel settings. I can't extract the video information because there isn't any.


also guys, if you see a youtube video that you like, another way to put it here is to click "share" under the video and then copy that link.

after you copy that link on youtube, then click "Add YouTube Video" to the right here on ez-robot, it will say, "YouTube URL".

Paste the entire link (it will look like this "" and you will get a link here, that will say....

Click To Watch Video

but if you take out the ""; then all you will have is "5oElzgr50K8" and you will see...


if you guys need help editing an avatar image, i will do it for you, FOR FREE. if you want one created, or just need it resized, rearranged, or you want a cool text on top of the picture, etc. i will do that for you also, no charge.

Fellow forum members, Do you have robot voices or phrases that your robot uses? if you have some voices or phrases for your robot, and want to share with others, i can save your .wav or .mp3 files so other people can use the file for their robots voice too. i will save it to my hosting company so anyone can just right click and save to their computer. (if you have an .mp3 file that says "hi!" "bye!" "yes!" "no!" or whatever phrase/word, just let me know!)

DJ, You may wish to host it here (i didnt want to ask because i know you are very busy) But, would you like to have a category of sound files and let people upload to that directory? We can all share the voices. This would be a great addition to the file sharing section that you are already planning.

Here is an idea: they could fill out a simple form with the upload so that you can auto-catagorize the sounds. i think you could get it 100% automated. the form would be multiple choice possibly, such as...

  1. is this an .mp3 or .wav file? A. .mp3 B. .wav C. other

  2. is this a word or phrase? A. word B. phrase C. not sure

  3. what type of voice is it? A. normal adult male B. normal adult female C. normal young male D. normal young female E. robotic adult male F. robotic adult female G. robotic young male H. robotic young female I. scarey J. other

anyway, thats just some ideas that i have, just trying to help. i'm already putting .mp3 on a webpage myself, but it would be better if it was on your site:) my webpage is being tested and under construction. Should be ready in a few weeks. here is a teaser link:

click here for the robot voice test page by

i wish we had photo albums attached to our "profile page" so others could see our profile if we choose to let it be viewable. Thanks for all you do DJ