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Solarcells Ce Possible ?

Just a odd question, but is it possible to run the EZ-B with a solarcell with an accu as backup.

I like that idea with the wall-e. And offcourse if it works with the real sounds :)

i saw these

I don't know how much amps the board needs but measure the wall-e, and it could be possible to do a line of three of those .


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Could work. The fun thing about solar cells is that they require almost direct sunlight to be fully functional.

As for power in Amps here is what I came up with:

  • EZB needs 5 AA batteries to run.
  • Each battery has an average of 2.4 Amps.
  • 5x2.4 Amps= 12 Amps.
  • So The EZB needs about 12 Amps, give or take.
  • The solar cells you listed put out about 0.03 Amps.
  • So you will need a lot of those solar cells to get the EZB its proper amperage. I could be wrong though...

The EZB probably has a voltage regulator of some sort (I have yet to get mine in the mail) So the power requirements might be a little lower than that.

Hope this helped.

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You could use a solar cell to charge the batteries of the EZ-B, but that'd be about it. Rarely are solarcells ever used to directly drive devices with mechanical motors, etc. With a simple solidstate device, you'd be able to use a few capacitors with the solarcell to smooth out the power. But you will experience brown-outs on occasion.

Once you add motors to the mix, you'll need batteries instead of capacitors.

So yeah, charge the batteries with the solar cell :D