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Ok, I am going to sound like a complete idiot for asking this question...but I am completely new to robots and programming and everything to do with robotics, I have lego mindstorms, but my friends were always more creative than I was, I just want to know how to actually start a program and put it into my ez-b v4? Help, where do I click, do I have to first connect to the robot, or what? confused

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Unlike arduino, Mindstorms, or many other micro-controllers, you don't actually load the program into the V4. EZ-Bulder runs on a computer within WiFi range (which if you are handy with your router, really means anywhere in the world) of the EZ-B v4. The computer does the heavy lifting computer processing, and the EZ-B communicates with connected devices like servos and sensors, as well as being able to play sounds sent from the PC.

To create your robot application in ARC, you need a Windows computer (Windows 7 or 8), but for most (but not all) of the functions, you can use it to create a mobile application (Android now, iOS soon) and run your robot from a phone or tablet if you want more portability than always being near your computer offers.


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Step 1. Download ARC (as detailed above)

Step 2. Check out the learn section, watch the tutorial videos from EZ-Robots.

Step 3. Check out the ARC Manual and familiarise yourself with all of the different controls available.

Step 4. Open up some example projects from ARC. All controls have example projects available.

Step 5. Build a robot, play with the software, ask any questions (no matter how stupid you may think they are - we do not judge, we do not consider any question stupid) in the community forum.

I would recommend building the EZ-Box Bot first. It's what I made first and helped me go from knowing nothing to knowing enough to get a robot moving. It's based on the V3 EZ-B but the only difference is how the board looks really (the V4 has more features but at this stage that's not important).

Also, just browse the forums, check out other questions, projects, tutorials etc. If there is anything you are unsure of, any terms used which mean nothing to you, just ask.

When I first started getting involved with robots I knew nothing at all, and I really mean nothing at all. That was nearly 2 years ago. I know a lot more now just by reading topics and tutorials, where needed I asked. Never be afraid to ask.


Also, see post #6 in this thread:

It answers the top 7 questions that new users have.



Awesome you found us:)

We have put a pile of work into the Learn section of this website. You can access the learn section by pressing the LEARN menu item at the top. There are videos on how to get started, as well as videos and tutorials for controls.

As usual, Rich saves the day with a great response:D


@Rich only 2 years? Holly crap... You really know how to make a guy feel dumb....;)

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@Richard, in that case I wont tell you how I haven't really learned very much in the last 12 to 18 months then...;) Seriously though, don't sell yourself short, you are amongst those who I've noticed progressing the most in recent months.

But we digress.

Another useful tip... Watch every single video on the EZ-Robot Youtube Channel


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@damo365....I can't suggest anything more that has already been suggested here... But I can say one thing.... Stick around, you won't regret it... Arduino who, what?:P

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Thnx Besties!:D Really helped! LOL