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So It Is Written

I have been working on my telepresence robot in hopes of one day projecting myself and my thoughts to a remote location.

One of my roles is to describe my thought process , and I do this in the form of notation. I write, I draw, I depict my thoughts and concepts on a white board, black board or other physical medium.

As I build my Telepresence robot, I feel my robot needs to posses the same skills that I have. To be able to pick up a marker and draw out a vision based on my vision that everyone else can see.


How do I build, teach, program, inspire a telepresence robot to draw on a white board exactly what I would draw if I was there in person?


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Give it an arm with many axis

On the end of the arm put a distance sensor so it knows how far to stay from the white board

Make it draw what ever you draw on a canvas

It'll actually be quite easy once you build the arm and calculate the whiteboard X/Y coordinates with the input canvas X/Y coordinates

The EZ-Script MAP() function would come in handy. Otherwise, i'd recommend this as a plugin and there's similar Map style functions for scalar in the EZ_B.Functions and EZ_Builder.Common


You know - actually i think i made something like this 3 or 4 years ago, that converted an input X/Y drawing on a canvas to a 3 or 4 degree servo arm...

let me see if i can find it


Thanks for the insight DJ.

I have been playing with dynamixels but I think there is some AI and sensors (like as you said depth sensors and cameras) in the hand that will be needed to help make this possible.


Thanks @ptp a pico projector maybe a better, easier solution as you suggest. Sometimes we get caught up in the past as we try to implement the future.