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Smart Robots

i want to make a intelligent robot you know something that can make disisions with the information it is given and talk to people and learn do you think that is possible with ez-robot?


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Yes, you would need to write code in EZ-Script. The WaitForSpeech() command is your friend:)

There are plenty of examples by pressing the Examples button.

Remember, ARC is super flexible. You can get up and running easily with the included controls, and then scale to any level you wish by coding in EZ-Script.
dj sures ty im learning code right now so hopefully by the time i get a omnibot 2000 i will be able to write some code for it
I'm sure you will:)

One day it will just "click" and make sense. You'll look back at this question and laugh. Remember, it could be worse.... You could be programming in C++ with ROS or Arduino and have to do this all from scratch!

I am just starting programming in ARC script as well. I am a senior developer at my Job. I am trying to see what is possible with out starting up ms visual studio. So I can help you out a little. First thing is your question is really broad, to broad to get a solution to. In order to succeed in programming you must master the art of breaking complex questions down to simpler ones at the same time understanding the limits of the possible answers.

A good way to phrase your initial question could be:
I want to ask my robot it's name and have to respond to me.
This question is further broken down into:
Ask my robots it's name
What are the controls that accept voice, i.e. the speech recognition control

Have it respond
What are the controls that make the robot talk, i.e the speech synthesis control

First learn both controls. Be creative and mess around with them. Once you understand the controls then move on to the script commands.

ty for the information on that i will start working on breaking questions down into simpler questions:P
that is great advise i sometimes look at the big picture and get confused,but when i break it down like you said i get it to work
Just remember that the speech control is like a hot women, it's not only what you say but definitely how you say it. Look into to windows speech training and setup.
I thought this was a family oriented forum....Hot Robots yes, Hot women no!
Good analogy levers! consistent voice training and a good mike headset works wonders..I am now at a good 94 percent recognition...better then a lot of people! :) ..dont give up
Putt Putt ,

Why not both? Although my B9 is just coming to life he really enjoys the ladies. He is just now discovering the fairer sex. I think he scanned the house and sensed my wife upstairs. Here's proof. Follow this link to a YouTube vid where I caught the the moment:



Have fun, Dave Schulpius
This is what I call a fine sense of humor... NICE !
Awesome Dave! thanks for sharing and what a very cool nostalgic robot! I presume one of your 9 ADC sensors also detects Channel No9?;)
No, but that's a great idea! I have 5 empty ADC slots waiting to monitor something. That will come later in the build when I start writing the animation scripts.

Didn't mean to hijack this thread with this vid but I thought it was funny. Anyway, I hope robotdude11 finds a way to give his robot the ability of choice. I've been waiting for that ever sense I saw Hal almost kill Dave in the movie 2001. Daisy, Daisy... give...me.......your.......answer ..........true. *eek* Good Luck!