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Skd Open-Source?

Any chance of that happening?

Looks like dependencies on .net are messing up for linux dev.

just wondering if an open source option will be available


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It's been mentioned before that open source is not controlled enough, or something like that, so it's highly doubtful that it will be released as open source.


So what you are saying is that linux dev is not catching the .net dependencies correctly. I am not surprised as .net is a windows platform and the use of it in Linux isnt supported. I am a linux fan also, but it is a linux issue and not a .net or ARC issue.

I doubt that DJ would want to give away this piece of the company. ARC and the EZ-B are both the key to making EZ-Robot what it is. I am sure that he wants to keep a tight grip on those two components. I know I would..


i understand. just would be easier to disable certain libraries that don't come with mono/iron python.

currently import of ezbdll crashes on SYS.speech from .net, once we get passed that, we can see what other dependencies are lacking.

Not sure what else. Ill be importing dlls from a 32bit Windows box, if that doesn't work we will be writing it from scratch like openbot.


Would it help if I created a speech library stub for you?


It might help, but it might not be the only problem


@dj-sures ,

can you please run through this lists', Right column and see what other things are not supported



No errors!

haven't run on beagle, but it looks for coms and runs with no errors. I will keep you posted on the development.


And?...... The world is waiting:)


Looks like its not threading correctly

User-inserted image


I thread and program always correctly:) I would need to see your code to better understand the error. Or at least a proper stack trace. Thanks!


Robosapien doesn't work on ezb v4


im running v3

trying alternative connect methods . might need to think outside the box with this.

is ezb communication anything like arduino type communication ?

also, i don't have a robosapien. just using his script to establish a connection. its in the above screen shot below the terminal window.

Whats different between v3 and 4 that doesn't let it function


Also, is the baud rate for the v3, 9600 bps or something else


The mono library that I created only works on the b4, hence "hostname" for the connection. Sorry, I'm unable to create mono app for the deprecated v3.

You can use the openbot library for the v3


the robosapien script references /imports the ezbDll, is there a different Dll for v3?

My next mode of action was to rewrite the c++ open bot into python, but i was hoping that it wouldn't come to that.


The eZ-sdk supports the v3, for the time being. Due to the advancements of the v4, the code base is changing significantly and v3 support will be too difficult to maintain.

The eZ-sdk does not work with mono. You will need ms windows for the eZ-sdk.

The openbot will work.

As for Python, you can simply send your own commands to the ezb with Python - use the openbot for command reference


Thanks for that, I understand. This project is to have ezb take commands from a non Windows environment.

The reason is, to give it autonomous function by using a lightweight component as the brain which runs linux, ie: beaglebone /rasb, thus removing the need for adult supervision.

I will test with openbot, but c++ is archaic, so i will try to have our team convert to python.


Yeah, c++ is surely confusing and overly complicated compared to today's programming languages. I would like to add EZ-B v3 support, but the complication is too difficult to maintain with the v4.

The great thing about the Mono with v4 library that I created for you is it includes AutoPosition and other awesome stuff. The OpenBot does not contain those features.

Maybe it's more cost effective to upgrade to a v4 than to hire a team to convert the code to python? I


Thats my line of work actually. My first 3 languages about 16 years ago were java, vb and c++.

The reason for python, is it can run commands on the fly. Unlike my current job where the. net environment won't run uncompiled code unless you use reflection and write the functionality in xml, get some kind of ticker to check for new data/functions /classes in the db, read path, make classes on the fly, then run into undebuggable errors.. etc. Basically, too complicated and not cross system.


if i get this running illtry the v4, which im sure has its own set of hurdles.

is there a way to tether to v4 instead of using wifi. Idsure hate getting hacked. wifi is pretty easy to takeover


So, interesting blog post from Microsoft today. Apparently is going open source and multi-platform (Linux and Mac specifically mentioned). Specific date not mentioned, but this theoretically should make it easier to use the EZ-B SDK in platforms other than Windows.

Blog Post


It is exciting! Releasing also a full feature version of the full Visual Studio is a smart idea as well. Like you said, in theory is will make it easier to use the EZb SDK. It still represents a lot of work.



but that won't help my project. vs is not compact enough