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No way?! That’s awesome. Had no idea. Was there a video clip anywhere?
I saw the commercial too. Glad I wasn't alone. Recognized it immediately.
Funny, I never thought I'd ever be excited to see a commercialxD 

I would love to see a video clip too!
#4   — Edited
It’s a real quick clip that shows robots including six! Hey DJ, how about a little store cred for the find?;)
Lol I’d love to but that would be a question for ezrobot:) I’m not part of that company any longer. The most popular way people are making Synthiam credit is through the referrals - that’s paying for many subscriptions. Give that a shot. More info here: https://synthiam.com/Account/EarnCredit
New episodes are out July 11th so maybe that will be the robot show. They have different topics each week. History Channel - Modern Marvels
Right on perry. I have a friend with a subscription so I’ll try and watch a few episodes to track down the clip.
I did a little searching on YouTube but couldn't find the trailer.  But I think we get Modern Marvels on Sling through THC, I'll keep my eyes peeled.  Would love to see it, too.