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Yes - that pc would work for arc. Any pc that runs windows 10 will work for arc
In that case I can see good potential. One could control most functions on the robot using voice commands with a wireless mic receiver attached to the Sirius A. The robot would not be reliant on a laptop or tablet sitting on a table or held in someone's hand separate from the robot.
United Kingdom
Its a very expensive option compared in using something like the Latte Panda mini PC board, looking at the spec there very similar, but the Sirius A is about $700, where the Latte Panda $100.

I know the Sirius A has a 6 inch screen incorporated into it, but if you brought a touch screen for the Latte Panda it would only cost you another $100 or so.
My experience with smaller touch screens with a 7 inch one, I used on my Inmoov, is that they not that accurate and very frustrating to use due to there size, running W10.