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Shoulders Falling Off

JD EZ ROBOT After extended project over seas I have returned and dusted of JD. and am trying again to get this expensive bad purchase to function. The shoulders are still falling of JD after a slight movement,I note from the new Builder you are NOW saying screw the shoulders on to the body however there were no screws in the box. What are the sizes of these screws so that I may purchase?, for one final try at getting this thing to work before taking him out and using him for target practice. We have in the meantime purchased another brand of robot for my sons birthday and it is working extremely well. Its a pity you didnt spend as much time on the problems as on the various ways to avoid answering questions, are you sure your not politicians?


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Yikes! We'll need some additional information. What part is falling off? Can you provide a photo or describe the place where jd's arm is falling off? Thanks!


HI jimmythe1

whits robot did you always curious after new models of robots.


We have in the meantime purchased another brand of robot for my sons birthday

i mean this one,


Sounds like the screws aren't long enough to bite into the servo and hold?


have never heard of this before, so your saying the screws for the servos were never in the box?

if you used other type of screws, maybe their a little too short and simply not gripping.

Looking forward to a pic.

Your question at the end is a little harsh? You joined a few months ago and this is your first thread, so rest assured everyone will help you regardless of the politician comment. ;)


Thank you for your reply, however this may be my first thread, but I have requested help from EZ Robot several times before. I had not realised I was broadcasting to the wide web! It was assumed that the query was going to the makers of the robot. But as I have pointed out before the web site is bloated and confusing. Such as this I dont have a clue to whom I am replying 1/ Why do you think I was requesting the size of the missing screws? 2/ After seeing JD on Youtube, unbeknown to me, my young son was running around doing odd jobs and saving to purchase the robot. When I did find out I purchased JD for his birthday. It broke the first time it was used. I was sent two spare shoulders. 3/ After all the excitement and then the horrible let down I think I am entitled to a sarcastic remark. 4/ It seems to be the thing that new products are put on the web and customers have to come up with solutions to why they do not work correctly and people put up with this attitude. User-inserted image



where were you sending your requests to?

Were you sending emails to support?

Trust me there is no attitude here amigo, only people willing to help you.

Did you send an email to support?


I understand the original shoulder brackets had been damaged and replacement parts were sent. When the original brackets were removed, you may have accidentally misplaced the screws. It seems now you will require replacement screws. If you have a hardware store, we can give you the exact dimensions of the required screws - however, the exact dimensions must be used. Forcing screws with a similar thread will result in permanent damage of the servos.

If you choose to not obtain the screws in your own, we can send you replacement screws.

Let me know what you prefer to do.

ps, do you have a photo of the original damaged shoulder brackets? I would like to see how they were damaged to better understand the situation.



Thank you . There were no shoulder bracket screws at all. Which why I mentioned in an earlier message to you , quote : I have even tried screwing them on:, there is no mention of screwing them on in the original instructions as far as I can recall. So if this is the problem please send me the specs of these screws and I will attempt to obtain them somewhere in Spain. The original problem arose when after first assembling JD and connecting the wifi he went into a spasm and his left arm went to his back. So not knowing what to expect we sent a signal for him to stand and that is when the bracket snapped and the arm assembly came off. The attached photo is not original but a Photoshopped representation User-inserted image



The original screws details: Thread: M3 (ISO metric thread 3 MM diameter) Length: 6 MM Head Type: Pan Head

Original vs mine (6 mm - 8 mm) User-inserted image

I lost the original screw, i used a M3 8 mm screw User-inserted image

Iso metric thread screws are easy to find in Europe. You can find some screws left overs from a computer case or a motherboard product.


@ptp, outstanding help as usual. This community is very fortunate to have you here. Your pics show exactly what is needed.

I can see how easy it would be for anyone first starting to work with servos and robotics to have these two things happen to them. When I first started, I had a hard time picturing in my mind how servos mated up to the different kinds of brackets and how they were used. Then there was the added learning curve of how different servos acted and sounded both at startup and operation and what they were and were not capable of.

From what I just read above, when JD was first built by the OP this servo and bracket was surly installed backwards and at first startup it jerked around to it's startup position which was now reversed from where it should be. At the first command (Stand), the shoulder kept moving in the wrong direction and snapped the plastic bracket. I've never built a JD but from what I see in it's building tutorial, the snap-on bracket that first broke is attached at the factory and should have had a screw installed there. At this point the OP removed the broken part and replaced it with the new one and either lost the screw or didn't realize it needed one because one was never installed in the factory. eek

Good luck and have fun from here on. This is all a learning experience and when in learning mode people make mistakes. These robots are not toys but tools used for learning. I surely have broken and burnt up many robot parts as I move along in my never ending learning experience. ;) I think if EZ Robot has one flaw it's that some people expect the platform to be a no brainer, plug and play and trouble free. This is surely not the case. EZ Robot makes it easy to learn about robotics and become good at it. People still need to develop the skills needed to build, work through processes and troubleshoot problems as they pop up. I have no idea where the OP and his son are on this skill level or what his intentions were when buying this platform for his son. However lIke I mentioned earlier (and I write this mainly for other newbies reading this); the EZ Robot platform is a tool to help learn these skills and not a plug and play toy. ;)

Keep building and playing. There are plenty of helpful people here for anyone having trouble. I've found that over the years, the EZ Robot people like DJ are usually the ones first in line to give assistance.


Thank you for your reply I suspect that I have the needed screws in my computer box. As for the gentleman who was curious on our skill levels, my 11- year old son has had several robots. His first robot was purchased when he was 6 years old, he also has had two Robosapiens but as is known these had a wiring problem, but they were interesting to experiment with and we configured them in several different ways. hence my son wanted to move up a step with a more sophisticated type. As for me, I am a 78- year old Ph.D. engineering consultant mainly involved in dam and power station projects in developing countries. I am quite versed in automated processes but I, two colleagues and my son were stumped after assembling JD from the original site instructions. The latest EZ- Builder is much clearer and concise. I do not, as a rule, go onto community sites or use facebook, twitter, and such sites but due to the help I have received here, I must advise my son to consult by his self. thank you.


Wow your 78?

Could have sworn you were much younger than that...


oh dave your so nice. :)


@jimmythe1, Wow a 78 year old with an 11 year old son. Nice work. You're my new hero. :D

You truly have good credentials. I also have extensive building experience in several fields. I'm sure you'll agree that sometimes it's the little things like this screw that causes the most problems and are the hardest to find. Personally I have a bad habit of looking for big problems first. Sometimes I just forgot to plug the darn thing in. :P