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Shoulder Surbo

when I do an action every thing except the shoulders work. the only time they move is when im in settings for actions and have live updates checked and I change the shoulders does it work. please help!


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This will be a tough one because the servos would be set to move from the same place. We can start by you posting the project that you are using. I suspect you are using a JD robot?

Because you have modified the project, please post it here. Use the "Attach File" option to upload the project - otherwise, save it to the cloud and mark it as public.

Not that a modified project would react this way - however, i'm struggling to think of what could possibly make this happen. As from a code perspective, it's impossible for what you described:) But let's see what we can come up with!


I am using the Example Project and it works.and I don't get how to upload files from ezcloud. the biggest change that I made is that edited the code for surbo tracking in the camera and that was a while ago before this problem


Cool - i'll take a look and see what's up!


@rrdoig.12345 Looks like it's been a long time since the last posting on your problem. Given your posting today, I am assuming your status with the shoulder servo is still the same. In that light I would like to offer some help as to what the problem might be is.

From what I have read, you said you can get the shoulder servos to move when working in a Frame and adjusting the numbers shown for the shoulder servos. But, when you try to use that Frame in an action, everything works except the shoulder servos.

If so, I have a question: Do the Shoulder servos move when you try to run the Frame alone?

To run just one Frame, click on the Frame in the box labeled (coincidentally enough) "Frames" :) , and then click "Transition To" at the bottom. Of course you will want to choose a Frame which will move the Shoulder servos.

NOTE You will want to be sure the Shoulder servos are not already at the same position as that set in the Frame selected. Otherwise it will appear the Shoulders did not move at all. Also remember that setting any given servo to -1 will result in that servo being ignored for that particular frame.

Let me know what happens and we will go from there.


I did figure out the problem you can't set the survo to 0 or -1 and I can't find the button to close the thread