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Shipping Cost

I was looking to but the 2.5 amp motor controller for $15.00 until I saw the shipping cost which was $20.35 and it only weighs 0.7Kg and that was the lowest it would go (small packets air). Kind of absurd to buy a product where the shipping out guns the product price. I would of bought it it was reasonable like 5 or 10 and 10 is pushing it. Maybe it will change sometime in the future when the part becomes obsolete, lol. Just kidding, any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Sincerely angpal59


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Buy it with other stuff from the store and the shipping price becomes reasonable, or even free.


I think you'll find that EZ-Robot has this (and other accessories) in the online store for convenience to customers. Meaning they are not money makers for the company, rather they are meant to be sold along side the EZB controller, developer's package, etc... My suggestion is that if all you need is the 2.5amp motor controller is to get it off of ebay (they are a dime a dozen)....

Besides, they are not shipping yet anyway... Maybe by the end of Jan or so....


Both good advice, thanks you guys.


@rryerson, didn't they say if you pre-ordered it would be here in time for christmas?

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Pre-orders have been delayed. They have explained this on the forum and in an email.


Oh, I never noticed it. Thanks! This kind of sucks.



@angpal I collect Transformers and I face that issue when it comes to buying the Japanese versions or exclusives. You either pay $30-40 for shipping on a $20-$30 figure or buy from an importer like BBTS ot TFSource and pay $50-$80 for that figure from them. There unfortunately, is no escape.

On a positive note, your local Radio Shack may even have one as well. I've seen the Ping sensor this site sells at most Radio Shacks and I've seen the H-Bridge in one of them. I live in a fairly metropolitan area and have about 8 or so RS's in my area and I pop my head into them randomly when I'm out and about. Not sure on prices.


That's a good point Antron, I notice Radio Shack is changing their store completely around and I've seen a lot more of that kind of stuff and they've got rid of the junky stuff, I'm going to check them out, Thanks Antron


No Problem. They do seem to be focusing on the whole DIY thing so that's cool for guys like us.


All of the products in the EZ-Robot store are shipped from our warehouse facility in Shenzhen China. Eve our most inexpensive shipping option gets product from China to your door in about 10 business days. The price of shipping is automatically calculated based upon packing size/ weight. We understand that the price of shipping can be a deterrent, which is why we provide free shipping on our more expensive items.

Hopeful this clarified the pricing a bit better :)