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Rover From Brookstone

Does anybody have a rover like me and are thinking of a way to make that camera more PTZ than just still where you have to move it by hand, I have the ispy tank also and that camera goes up and down so I am going to work on that if anybody wants to throw their two cents in, your welcome,lol

Shipping Cost

I was looking to but the 2.5 amp motor controller for $15.00 until I saw the shipping cost which was $20.35 and it only weighs 0.7Kg and that was the lowest it would go (small packets air). Kind of absurd to buy a product where the shipping out guns the product price. I would of bought it it was reasonable like 5 or 10 and 10 is pushing it. Maybe...

Can I Delete My Post?

How do you delete post on here?

Does EZ-B Make A Loud Alarm Sound?

I was checking out hooking my bluetooth up to my laptop, I left the room and the ez robot was still plugged in but not connected to bluetooth, all of a sudden , this loud alarm went off and at first I didnt know what it was, but I will tell you, It was ear piecring and I was in the next room, is that a low battery voltage alarm? Because when I...
Radar Scan/Ping Sensor

Radar Scan/Ping Sensor

I watched the video tutorial of Dj on the radar scan and how to hook it up, I noticed he said always remember, negative is always in the center, did he make a mistake when he...

How Do I Use Ping Radar Control?

I must have a bad board, I cant get the radar to work or the ping sensor to work, ive tried different ports and to no avail. That bums me out cause everything else works, what do I do?
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