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Shipment Time

I ordered some parts and they arrived from China in 8 days. Thank you EZ robot. Great product.


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8 Days? EIGHT DAYS!? Boy, did you luck out! Out of 3 orders, I've never gotten anything in less than 3 weeks. I'm still waiting for my latest order sent in on the 7th. I don't expect it for at least another week yet.

One good thing though, with Brookstone having some parts in their store, I can get some things instantly. Other things are in stock mail order so that should be a lot quicker as well. Unfortunately they don't yet stock the parts I have needed lately.
United Kingdom
That's cool @Purple. I ordered a new v4 and got it in 10 days. Sorry WBS, don't mean to rub salt in the wounds. :P. You will soon get you goodies.
Yeah it may be what you ordered. I got another v4. Very impressive packaging that they come in.