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Sure I can add that. It won’t be able to use the radar though because there’s no accurate degrees for the NMS angle requirement. It’ll be stationary 

why are so many words in your question in bold?
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Thanks for responding, 

No reason for bold, maybe just wanted some words too stand out I guess, didn't really think about it... I changed it.

thanks again,
No need to make words stand out, people read the whole sentence. It's more difficult to read when some words are bold. It is easier to read when sentences are like how everyone else types them:)
Ha ha! Hey DJ, this is why you have the greatest robot software, you pay attention to every detail and driven to perfection. Even a minor bug and you work tirelessly to fix it!:D
Sensor Groups
Skills you require are sensors that feed data into the messaging system that maps are made from. The Navigation Messaging System collects data by supporting two sensor input groups...
1. lidar/obstacle scanners (optional): any kind of sensor that can detect obstacles
2. (laser, 360 degree lidar ultrasonic, IR, etc.)


Sharp IR Collision
Sharp IR Radar

This is why I asked the question:
Is it possible, to add to the sharp IR radar or collision at tab, the Navigation Messaging System - send ping results like you did for the ultrasonic distance?

If you can't, and it does not work, that's ok
Just because all those have the letters I and R does not mean they work with it. The only one that will work when I make the change will be as previously stated. You don’t need the collision version either because that’s exactly what NMS already does when combined with the navigator 

read the navigator manual for information on executing scripts when distance is lower than specified value.