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Sharp 2Y0a02 On The EZ-B

Hi there,

I'm now the proud owner of a EZ-B in Holland:)

I've been following your site for a while. And when the v3 of the EZ-B came I had to order one:)

I love it!

I'd ordered everything on the site of solarbotics and here is the question :

When ordering a sensor, I wanted the same as you posted in the forum here,
But that one i could not find so i ordered the sharp gp2y0a02yk0f.

When connecting it to the board i see some rubbis in the Sharp Collision but the sensor is not working as i aspect. Is this a wrong sensor or is there something else ?


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How long did it take to get it to you?

I ordered 2 weeks ago and i live in holland too but it hasnt arrived yet :(
ordered it in Thursday and had the package on monday.
Should've ordered there too, i ordered here, something went wrong and now i am waiting for more than 2 weeks already:(
Hey Pabi!o, welcome to the forums!

So you definitely have the right sensor, the GPY20A02 is the big brother to the GP2D12 and can detect objects at a farther distance ~160cm.

Just make sure your polarity is correct when hooking up the sensor to the EZ-B, +5V to Vcc, GND to GND, and Signal (Vout) to an Analog port on the EZ-B (A0-A7), then pull up the Read ADC control (under ADC from the add control menu) and watch as you place objects in front of the sensor and pull them away the voltage should change.

I'm guessing you may be having issues with the Sharp IR radar control if your sensor is stationary and not mounted on a servo, I'd suggest trying what I mentioned above first then try your hand at the Sharp IR controls once you got er good to go.
The problem is, i have the wrong cable the connector is different.
So I think I have to solder it than.

Thanks for the info, I will try this when I'm home:)
What kind of cable do you have? Give us a pic if you need help. I purchase servo cables in bulk from ebay.

Here is a search link: Clickity

I usually purchase 20 with free shpiping for $4 USD
Ehm what is the right word:P

Ehm okej first thanx to skater_j10 for the info.
And second don't use empty batteries.

It works:)

so stupid of me:(