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Resolved Resolved by JustinRatliff!

Set Port On Or Off

am trying to set a digital port d23 on or off

set(D23,on) seems something missing here.
i check cheet but it confuse me.


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Yes, that is right. Is it not working for you? Are you sure your device is in port D23 (those port numbers are soooo tiny!)

you solved the problem,i didn now if the true or false must be written.
now i know i dont.and yes set(D23,on)

its for the police light,cause it change mode with his own board ,i cant get it out.
Yup, that sounds rights. It sounds like you were just applying power originally with no control.
Do not do that! You are sinking the regulator with the GND on a digital i/o of the ez-b. While micros can usually sink more than they can source, the big danger is when +3.3 is outputed on the signal pin because that connects the +3 signal pin to the VCC (+7.4) pin.

Let me explain in more detail...

- The regulator power is connected to the VCC +7.4 volt pin on the EZ-B
- The regulator GND is connected to the EZ-B Signal pin

* When the signal pin is HIGH, it will output 3.3 volts and the light turns off.
* When the signal pin is LOW, the output is GND and the light turns on.

Now, here's the problems
1) You're powering the regulator from the ez-b signal pin when it's GND, which micro general purpose i/o pins are not designed to provide that much power.
2) When the signal pin is HIGH (on), it connects it to the VCC (7.4v)! Even though it's running through the regulator, there's not that much resistance - and therefore you're feeding way too much current back into the EZ-B v4 I/O

What you want to do is control the light by using a TP-220 or any transistor. There are tutorials that explain how to do this.

Stop what you're doing now or you will damage the EZ-B.

thanks for posting.this is a wake up call,dont experiment.
Those RC model police lights he is using are designed for use on RC cars with PWM receivers. I wonder if they are suppose to be treated like servos and controlled with PWM instead of digital on and off?

@Nomad, do you have a datasheet for those lights or did they come with directions?
no they are normal for cars.i cant get the lights of with pwm or script.
they have there own board.
No problem nomad - experimenting sometimes can be costly, but it's also how we learn:)

Can you tell us the model number of that strobe light?
i see lots off numbers

If it can be used with a regular RC Radio (like for airplanes, Cars and drones), then as Justin mentioned using the servo command might work. I have some Dimension Engineering's RC lights and they work that way. Servo(D0,180) turns them off and servo(D0,90) turns them on.....

thank you i have a try .

dont work,the light is allreddy burning when plug into d23
i try servo(d23,90) and 180 and also setservomin and max.
Make sure you have it plugged in properly... have you tried using another port? Maybe you blew port 23 the way you wired it before?.... Don't set servo min and max just try the code below...

Can you upload a picture of the light including the wiring?

Try this script


sleep(5000) #wait 5 seconds



sleep(5000) #wait 5 seconds
nope you cant get it out.itry bolt and another port d22 same.