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i see the servo speed is diff as usuall ?

its for the init start for roli.

is it servo(d12,$speed) or servo(d12,4)


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You can load the roli project and view the init script. Here is the init script as of today (2016/04/14):


# This is the initialization script for your Roli robot
# This script is called from the Connection Control when a connection
# is made to the Roli EZ-B

# Set the max and min positions of some servos so
# they cannot move past their limitations
# Left Gripper
SetServoMin(d16, 30)
SetServoMax(d16, 90)

# Right Gripper
SetServoMin(d12, 30)
SetServoMax(d12, 90)

# Move the servos into the calibration position
# All servos will be set to 90 degrees
ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionFrameJump, "Calibrate")

# Pause for a brief period of time to ensure the servos have been initialized

# We want the arm and neck servos to move smoothly
# To do this, we will set the speed of each servo
# The speed is how quickly a servo will move between positions
# We set a variable for the speed, and then use that variable for
# every speed command.
# This is an effecient way to reuse a value numerous times
$speed = 1

servospeed(d12, $speed)
servospeed(d13, $speed)
servospeed(d14, $speed)
servospeed(d15, $speed)
servospeed(d16, $speed)
servospeed(d17, $speed)
servospeed(d18, $speed)
servospeed(d19, $speed)

# This sets the speed for the HBridge Motor Controller
# The speed is a number between 0 and 255
# Setting this speed will initialize the PWM on the motor controller

# Even though we set the speed, we will also enable the PWM
# on the speed pins that connect to the HBridge Motor Controller
# The number is 100, which means 100%
pwm(d0, 100)
pwm(d5, 100)

# This sets up variables for use within the mobile interface
# as a toggle for using the sliders for movement and to keep
# of the direction currently moving
yes i now that.i want to let go the servo slower a start up.
so do i need to set the speed to 4 instead or $speed ?

i want the arms and head/neck go slower
think i have it

$speed is a variable, it holds values. Change the value that is assigned to $speed


$speed = 4

The description of $speed is right there in the code. The code has a big chunk that explains $speed is a variable. Read the descriptions in the code, it will help make sense.
okay dj thanks

1 is fast and 4 is slower