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Servos Fairly Cheap

I found a cheap servo that works really really well. I have everything from cheap $2 servos up to $100 titanium gear monsters and i recently bought some 8 dollar servos from Hobby King for arm servos.

Hobby King

They seem to perform really nice, lots of torque, got metal gears, can handle 5 to 7 volts and they feel like a much more expensive servo.

They are for the price the nicest servos ive ever found.


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I have been using these: SG 5010 Servos

At about $6 a piece, but you can get them a bit cheaper. No metal gears but tons of torque:

Stall Torque (4.8V): (8 kg/cm) (110oz/in.)

Stall Torque (6.0V): (11kg/cm) (156oz/in.)

I haven't had a single problem with them yet. Only problem is the long ship time from China.


ill have to remember those next time i buy. Thanks


I'm going to sell robot parts soon, email me with favorite parts so I know what I may need to stock up on for you and other builders please