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Servos In The Shop Dimensions?

I'm wondering what size the servos in the store are. AKA length x width x height

Need to know for my gripper as the design files I modified call for a servo with these dimensions.

RS 2 R/C servo Length: 1.61 in (41.0 mm) Width: 0.79 in (20.0 mm) Height: 1.65 in (42.0 mm)

I want to find something close to if not that exact size.

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Anyone know the size? Anyone know a servo with almost the same measurements?

EDIT: turns out MG995's are the right size. Anyone seen a good deal on 2 of those?

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Don't buy MG995s on the cheap, there are a lot of fakes out there which aren't worth the money you pay.


Thanks for the info Rich. Probably just saved me $10.

EDIT: Found this ad. What do you think? Looked at buyer reviews and all seems good.

United Kingdom

What ad? No link...

Just be aware of Tower Pro servos which come direct from China and are far too cheap to be real. I made the mistake and it was obvious they were knock offs (mainly as they were actually labelled up as "Towerd Pro" - How that happens is beyond me but let's just say they aren't exactly the best servos in the world.