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Servo Speeds

What servo speeds are normally used for JD? Where and how are they adjusted? Thx


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Can you expand on the question?

If you have a JD robot, install ARC as per the instructions in the package. Once installed, you will be prompted to participate in the LEARN section to assemble and get JD up and running.

Do not skip steps or JD will not operate correctly - have fun:D
I have read through all the tutorial lessons and activities lessons, and actually built a jd that had a few servo problems, and was replaced by roboshop. i can not recall any videos or text that dicussed the servo speed adjustments. where can i look?, thanks dj for quick response, very incouraging.
I'm still not sure what you mean by servo speed. Perhaps you're inquiring about moving servos to positions at different speeds? Those are called FRAMES and consist within the Auto Position Control in ARC.

Each control has a ? (question mark) next to the X (close) button. Pressing the ? (question mark) on the Auto Position control will bring you to the manual. The Auto Position is where you make FRAMES and ACTIONS for the robot (i.e. walking, dancing, etc.). Speed is a property of moving, which is within an Action. Here's a direct link to the Auto Position Manual: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=180

There are a considerable number of tutorials on that page which involve the Auto Position.

Also, the last tutorial of JD in the learn section directs you to the ACTIVITIES, which you can teach JD to do more things. Here is a direct link to the activities in the LEARN section: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Course/6

The learn section has everything you will need:D
wow, ok, looks exactually where i need to go to get a better understanding of specific areas of knowledge. i was wondering if the default settings of 50 speed and 2 steps was best for jd, guess i need to understand the concepts. thx again.

A good place to start with experimenting for speeds is to modify existing actions

1) load ARC
2) Load JD project
3) Connect to JD
4) Load your servo profile
5) Click CONFIG icon on Auto Position
6) Click ACTIONS tab
7) Locate and select an action to modify (such as DISCO DANCE or FORWARD)
8) Double click on the frames for the action to change SPEED/STEPS/DELAY values

*Note: there are question marks which explain what each value does. It's sometimes best to see the changes real-time. Also, the Auto Position manual (viewable by the ? button) explains the vales as well.

Have fun!
Great, actually I wanted to start/learn with the 6, but wife and grandkids "forced" me to build JD first,so, mabe roli next to use outside when snow is gone.