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When you say it wont move, is it buzzing or not doing anything?

Are all servos functioning?

Perhaps the port is dead. Try plugging another servo into the port, or change the foot servo to another port and see if it moves.

Perhaps when you reassembled you got the wire caught? Tightened a screw too tight?


Please note, I rarely use these robots so simple instructions for me would be best.

Here are some more details:

When I tried to move the robot using the software, the section in the attached red circle did not make any changes to the actual robot.

The robot is making loud noise. (video attached)

What does this error mean? Error on line 9 not connected to EZB- 0 Done (00.00.00..5655379)

Thanks. User-inserted image



What does this error mean? Error on line 9 not connected to EZB- 0
It means your ezb4 board 0 is not connected to ARC... Without being connected (solid blue or green LED on the ezb) you can't move servos or pretty much do anything else either... Look at the back of JD... if the LED on the ezb is flashing you are not connected to ARC you need to connect to the ezb before you can use the robot...

If that new servo is buzzing are you sure you did this before installing it? Calibrating servos in their brackets


Richard is spot on with his advice as usual. I don't own a JD but have had a lot of experience with EZ Robot and the things I can to to make it look very broken. Sadly sometimes it has resulted in me burning up servos.

I watched your vid a few times and it seems like you're EZB is connected at first to ARC but then disconnects. I say this because it seems like I don't hear the servo buzz at first but then it starts when you turn the little guy. I do think it's connected at first because I see the eyes working. Again, I'm not sure the eyes show patterns without JD being connected so I may be wrong here. Anyway, if I'm right, something is happening to disconnect your EZB from ARC. If your EZB disconnects from ARC while movements are in progress the servos or other devices will be "stuck and locked on". Some of the things that can cause a EZB to disconnect are: servo overload or trying to move past it's end points, a device pulling more amps through the EZB then the EZB can handle, Servo, motor, or motor controller failure causing a short, electrical short in the wiring, sending an improper signal or command through the Uart or I2c ports, devices improperly attached to the EZB (digital, Uart and i2c ports). All of these and other things could cause the EZB to brown out and reboot the EZB and cause devices to be stuck on.

Start with taking another look at your new servo to see if it is properly installed and calibrated. Then take it out of the robot and see if it runs without being attached to the robot. Then check the eye connection. In ARC make sure you don't have any i2c commands being sent that shouldn't be happening and everything in that control points to the eyes properly.

Good luck and have fun with this. :)


If the EZ-B is disconnecting it is because the JD eyes are not plugged into the i2c port. Recheck all of your cables.

There is a sample project called something like JD No Eyes that you can use to troubleshoot the servos first, then use the regular JD sample to troubleshoot the connection to the eyes.



Thanks for all the input. We did need to calibrate the servo.