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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Servo Question

I have assembled my JD Humanoid Robot. When I connect to him, one of the servos makes a buzzing sound and won't stop unless I turn it off. For instance, the servo was the upper part of the left leg. When I connect, it lifts the left leg all the way and buzzes. I then switched the servo to an arm, and when I connect, the servo bends the arm fully and buzzes. I am not sure what I need to do to fix the problem.

Does the servo operate correctly? And the robot initializes into the calibration position as demonstrated in the learn section for the jd robot course?

If so, servos will buzz when they hold position/weight.
I don't think that it is operating correctly. I was following along with the learn section of the Jd Robot Course. When I went to connect to the robot, one servo turns a full 90 degrees and is buzzing like it is trying to go further, but it has turned as far as it can.

its 1 to 90 degree to 180
90 degree is center
Ah - okay, the calibration process will need to be executed, beginning here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/25?courseId=1

Occasionally, servo calibration will be off due to alignment of electrical and mechanical components during manufacturing. This means adjusting the one mis-aligned servo with a philips head screwdriver.

You're almost there:D

User-inserted image
I apologize. I am an educator that is new to all of this. I have added a youtube to show what it does.

I will attempt the calibration procedure.

Never apologize for being an educator:D

Thank you for the video - it corresponds to my previous suggestion that the servo requires calibration. In fact, you can simply remove the screw and align the servo without requiring to take the robot apart. Here's a sketch of what i mean (instructions below)...

User-inserted image

1) Remove the screw

2) separate the bracket from the servo

3) connect to the robot so it moves into initialization position

4) place the servo back in the bracket aligned as demonstrated in the sketch above

5) replace screw and tighten

6) You're off to the races:D

PS, i have updated the JD assembly instruction to identify this step for future users. Thanks!
Would it be normal if while nothing is attached the servo does the following? It still vibrates and buzzes.

Oh geez, absolutely not. The servo must have been accidentally damaged from the severe misalignment. Let's get you a new servo right away! Use the Contact Us form to file a warranty claim and reference the link to this thread.