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Servo Question

hello i just wanted to know can i use MG996R servos on robot what is wrong if i cant get all angles what i think of? its like i miss some angles


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You should switch to the ez robot HDD servos in order to get 180deg rotation... There is no easy way to get the MG996 to do full 180 deg rotation... The ez robot servos are much higher quality and are much stronger than the MG996 servos anyway...


@WRBT: I think your question does not qualify for "Assistance Requested" MG996R servo is not an EZ-Robot Product.

I second Richard R post. If you search in the forum there are a few RR MG996R posts, he has a lot of experience in servos.


There are many counterfeit servos of TowerPro from China dealers selling on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba websites. If the suppliers removed TowerPro logo from the photos and the products description, they are selling counterfeits low quality servo. Please identify the supplier before you purchased the goods. Only our authorized dealers who provide reliable quality servos and after services.

buyer beware!

The original product is rated to run at 6v, or at max 6.6v they can't run from a Lipo 7.4/8.4 volts. It can draw more than 2Amps so if you add a few you will need a Lipo battery with BEC/DC-DC/Step Down circuit.


There is no easy way to get the MG996 to do full 180 deg rotation

EZB v4 firmware has the following values:

Position 1 = 0.56 ms
Position 90 (middle) = 1.340 ms
Position 180 = 2.14 ms

EZB servos are compatible with those values. Those values are hard-coded in the hardware, it's not possible to adapt to other servos/ranges.

IF you plan to use non EZB servos, check if they operate within the same range otherwise you can't get the full angle rotation.

Another option is to use an external servo board attached to the EZB's UART port.