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Servo Movement Smoothing

I was just watching a James Burton video and he talked about servo Movement Smoothing with an Arduino code in the beginning of the video. The servos move quickly towards the required position and then slow down as the position required is approached. It really smooths the movements out. Is this possible with ARC? I don't see anything like it.
@DJ, this would sure be a great feature to have in ARC.


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That's really cool. Kind of like speed ramping on a Sabertooth (except that ramps both up and down by default when turned on, although I think you can define the curve).



Hi Alan, have you been able to use servos with the Saber tooth? I thought they only controlled DC motors.

BTW, you can adjust the ramping effect of a sabertooth once it's tuned on. To turn on the effect and adjust it you need to use the Describe software.

Although I've never tried it or know how to implement this, I remember DJ mentioning a few times that you can ramp servos using PWM commands in ARC.


@Dave, no, I was saying this looked like when a Sabertooth is speed ramping a motor, not that you could use a Sabertooth to drive servos.

And yes, a continuous rotation servo Movement Panel ramps the servo speed of the continuous rotation servos, but I am not aware of a way to do it in any other control or script ( not to say it can't be done, I have missed a lot of features that DJ sneaks in lately).