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Servo Motor Direction Using ARC

I am coming from the Parallax Boe-Bot world, where one uses programming to change the direction (clockwise vs counterclockwise) of the servo motors to rotate the wheels of your robot. Left goes one way, right goes the other.

I am experimenting with the EZ-B using my Boe Bot chasis, but cannot figure out how to get both wheels spinning in the same direction using ARC. It is probably something real obvious, but I need help, please.


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modified sermove movement panel....

i think if you hit up(forward) they both move in the same direction. same goes for down (reverse)

if you hit left or right, thats when the tracks or wheels move in opposite directions.


@pashley that's right. you'll need to ues the Modified servo Movement Panel. Click CONFIG to open the window. You'll see values for each direction. If the servos are moving the wrong way, change the values until the servos move the correct direction:)


Thanks guys, but still no luck.

I changed the forward and reverse values in increments of 10 for both left and right wheel servos, but alas, the right still rotates clockwise and the left counterclockwise. Nice rotational spin, though. I'll keep at it - thanks again.