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Servo For Jd Gripper


I did something wrong with the servo for JD Gripper, it is not working any more. I want to buy a new servo. I knew that it is avilable on EZ-Robot site. But I do not want to order from there and wait long time to have it. Can any one help me to buy similler one from ebay or any US vender.

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You really should order from EZ Robot for warranty reasons if nothing else... However, if you are in a real hurry a TowerPro 996r or TowerPro 946r probably could be a ok substitute... eBay has lots of them....


Unfortunately, the TowerPro 996 and 946 are too large for the JD gripper. Another thing to keep in mind is that the claw servo is a special servo designed to run at 7.4V.

@RoboticMayor I would recommend ordering directly from us and we should be able to help you out. Please Contact Us instead of ordering through the website.

Edit: Sorry Richard caught his mistake before I could point it out, lol. Although a MG90S micro servo is actually too small.


@Jeremie... Thanks... I don't deserve this credit... However, I did mention he should buy from you guys....:)


@RoboticMayor... Although you might be able to substitute EZ Robot's heavy duty standard size servos with MG996R or MG9946R, their claw servo is a different story... I really think you should purchase the EZ Robot claw servo so as to ensure compatibility with your JD.... Sorry about the mix up....



I used Contact Us as Jeremie said to order this servo from EZ-Robot. I was just afraid from their time frame. The JD I have, I got it from in one week because I am still waiting for the one I ordered from EZ-Robot since March 06, 2014.

Thank you


@RoboticMayor .... I think you should get your servo order much quicker then the last time... EZ Robot is catching up with orders now.....


Say what!? That's a damned shame if that's the case.


Tonight I lost both my claw servos while doing auto postioning, you can smell the smoke. Any ideas as to the why?
So what servo will fit in to replace, 19 for a servo or 22 for a whole claw. Don't need all the extra claw parts of this happens a lot. Options and ideas? Thanks


Hi @Roller

The claw servos aren't designed to be held under pressure for prolonged periods. I guess that really goes for any servo. If a servo is held in a position that it can't physically get to, there is the risk of damage.