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Sensor Integration Questions

Hello again,

We are atttepting to scan the room looking for a glyph. Once detected we would like to drive over to it and stop just before it.

To do this we mounted the ping sensor on top of the WIFI camera and mounted the camera to a servo.

We used a modiifed servo Movement Panel to command the wheels to go when a glyph is detected. This work, except it always commands them to go forward, even if the glyph was detected when the camera was sanned off of boresite.

The information does exist within the EZ B because the radar scan correctly correlates the ping return with where the target is in azimuth. Can it share that information with the glyph detection and command the wheels to drive towards the target rather than straight ahead?

Thanks again for your support past & future.

Brian & team


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Hi buddy . Welcome to the forum I would love to see some pics of your teams robot. I'm sure there will be some code involved to get your robot to do that but I am not the man to talk to when it comes to glyph detection. I'm just as interested as you because I would like a glyph that triggers a robot to drive up on its charger dock.


Another great idea! I believe that they have a good product with the glyph detection. It appears to be underutilized, or maybe I am ignorant of the applications that are out there. It can do much more that tell you what glyph it is looking at. It is always very useful to integrate the sensors and share the intelligence that is gathered from each sensor. Humans are quite adept at it. EZ Robots can to.