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Sensor Feedback Indicators

In my introduction post I mentioned I was using TouchOSC to map back the LED on/off state to my control via an Ipod. The reason I am using that is because it was a easy way to have different types of indicators for feedback from sensors. Here is a screenshot of the interface i made for my current robot.

User-inserted image

This made me think it would be nice to have a module that you can add different elements to indicate for example LED on/off, speed, gas levels etc that comes from the sensors. For example the object that indicates speed could be a bar that fills with red the higher the speed goes.

If this currently exists please kindly point it out otherwise this may make a useful module.

Just a thought.


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That is one good idea... I don't know if it currently exists...
United Kingdom
I have live information overlaid on my IP Cam images (currently testing, eventually the cam will be the one on the robot), which can be seen here (cam is offline so ignore the black screen);

User-inserted image

The widget in the bottom corner is updated with the data from ARC. However my method is somewhat complicated at the moment (probably overly complicated).

The data from ARC is sent to a PHP web page which takes the data from the URL in the HTTPGet() command and stores it in various MySQL databases. There is another PHP web page which overlays this information on to the image grabbed from the IP cam. Battery level, ping sensor distance, IR sensor distance and current draw is logged and the image updated.

All of this data is stored as variables in ARC. Movement direction and speed are automatic variables in ARC, for everything else you need to store the variables i.e.


$voltage = GetADC(ADC0)

Bars, graphs, different graphics depending on data are all possible through the PHP code which overlays the data on to the cam image.

You needn't use a cam image either, any image will do.

Edit: The image isn't too clear since it's black and the widget is small but look at the lower left corner.

Edit 2: Another dynamically updated image currently taking info from servers rather than ARC but can easily be adjusted.

User-inserted image