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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Sendserial Doesn't Work Correctly

I'm doing some experimentation sending  a serial message ( 115200 baud rate) to ezbv4. The project sends  a packet of 10 bytes every 100 mS. 
The packet is not always being sent every 100 mS, but  very often it is not sent, as you can see in this oscillogram.
 (each pulse you see is the 10 byte packet) . The're correctly spaced by 100 mS , but many are missing.
User-inserted image

Can somebody explain what's going on ??

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#14   — Edited
You wrote:


many packets are not sent
I only asked 2 simple questions
1) how many packets, did you get 16 packets ? Yes / NO
2) The timings between the packets ?
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Sorry to insist but I mentioned the problem in 2016, and you didn't see the connection.
So before adding more variables Uart vs SoftwareSerial, or EZ-Script vs Javascript, I want you to understand the problem without missing steps (Wrong conclusion / Facts)
#16   — Edited
Sorry to PTP and others. 
I couldn't see the pulses . They are too narrow to be detectable in a  time  interval of 2x16 =32 seconds ! I only saw some ones.
So I used, for the 2000 mS script , simply a LED, and  no pulse was lost. Timing between pulses and inside the packets was correct.
For the 100 mS script  i used the oscilloscope, and 8-9 pulses were always lost, in a random way, as i had seen in previous tests.
The spacing between them was variable in a random way, around 100 mS, and,  inside the bytes,  timing was random as well.
My question is solved . Thanks everybody.  PTP solved.
What are you doing with the sendserial? Are you trying to communicate with another device? If so, is there anything we can do to help?

if you want to provide details of the thing you’re trying to do, that would be easiest for us to help
I'm still experimenting to  control ubtech alpha 1S servos with iotiny and ezbv4
i know your opinion about that (not enough info about  protocol ,etc.). A hopeless work. However i'm going on.
I saw that your plug-in sends  all together,  many ( 16x10-byte) messages, for  16 servos. Perhaps  too many.
I'm trying to send single messages, for a single servo, to see what happens.
I need some tool to send perfect messages, and realized that sendserial isn't good for that. 
What was used in your plug-in?  what can I use ?