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Send Serial Command Question

ok I am sure its an easy .. fix and I cant see it.. but here it goes:)

I have the ramp script running for my sabertooth on D7 and it works great ( thanks Rich)

However, I have my R2's dome going to a syren 10 that is hooked to D8 and I am having difficulty getting it to work... I have the Movement Panel used up for the sabertooth... I thought I could just use sendserial (port,baud,data) in separate script to move dome. This is not working.. I can just test with sendserial (d8,34800,200) and It just says "done" but nothing happens.. What is the issue ? how can I control the syren and the sabertooth in same project ?


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Do you have the dip switches correct on the syren (it has to be set up for 38,400... ? Is it wired to the ezb correctly?

You have SendSerial(D8,34800,200)

when it should be SendSerial(D8,38400,200)


yea that was a typing error on my post, but yea its all correct


Can you post a picture of your setup? Close up so I can see your wiring and the syren's dip switches...Try this instead as well...



I would also try plugging into another port, or plug a servo into D8 just to make sure you don't have a bad port.

D15 on one of my EZ-Bs is dead (I may ave caused it...)



@Jayutmb The Syren is just a single channel sabertooth... maybe you are sending on a second channel that doesn't exist?... this why I suggested using SendSerial(D8,38400,80) instead of SendSerial(D8,38400,200) ....


Thx for the help guys.... Turns out that for whatever reason I needed to run the power directly to the batteries to get it to work... This is odd because the first time when I was playing around with it I did not have to do that.. I had it working from the ports on EZB? What is even more odd is that the syren had its "on" light working in both set ups, however nothing worked until i put the power from EZB ports to the battery itself... Oh well I am sure there is some reason for that change.... I am just happy it works now ( was about to take a golf club to try and "adjust " it) :D


Do not drive the sabertooth or syren off the ports of the ezb... The ezb can't suppy enough current to the syren or sabertooth (especially when driving larger motors). You'll end up tripping the poly fuse or worse blowing your ezb... The ezb doesn't like the magic smoke either.... You always connect the batteries used to drive the motors directly to the battery inputs on the syren or sabertooth ....

To connect to an ezb you only need 2 wires. You need ground on the ezb to ground on the sabertooth and the white signal pin on the ezb to S1 on the sabertooth.... That's it...


Don't forget to interconnect the grounds between the ezb and sabertooth when using an alternative power supply.


thx guys:) I have everything using the same power supply, so i am only using the signal pin on the EZB to the syren and saber since they are all on the same grid.