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Security Robot On Tv

Just a bit of fun.

I just saw something I wanted to share with you guys. I just watched an episode of one of my all time favourite TV shows "MacGyver", and I remembered these security robots when I first watched it many moons ago. I've gotta say, I think the writer of that episode was a bit of a Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. Why? Well when I look at these little guys, I see is part Darlek, part Astromech droid. An "R2Darlek" if you will. What do you think? ...

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I'll say this though, they certainly didn't have EZ-B's inside. If they did, Mac might have met his match. eek


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looks alot like r2D2. oh and mc gyver would be death. i miss those episodes from start trek.


@Steve..... That's so funny... Love MacGyver... Sue and I have been watching all the old episodes for the last few months now....:)

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I don't think Mac would be killed though. A robot with DJ's EZ-B v4 with Dave Cochrans EZ-AI, or the main man MacGyver with his trusty Swiss Army knife... to close to call. confused


Yeah, they just recently started showing re-runs (or repeats as we Brits call em") of Mac. I loved that show when I was a kid, and still do, probably because I'm still a big kid. You Canadians do know how to make some good TV shows. StarGate is another one of my favourites:). I did have to laugh at them robots though. Definitely a Star/Who thing going on there.