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Hi! DJ i am working in a new project.. I am going to do a robot that can fly like a bird:)
And here an interesting Idea for EZb...

A little place on EZboard that we can write a little Script or code (maybe 30 lines) in case of Ezboard lose the connection.. for example.. if my robot is flying and lose the connection, the robot automatically starts to go to land:)


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.... I thought of doing something like this a little while back. I was going to use a GPS to navigate and if something went wrong the model plane would just return to where it was launched using the GPS to navigate to a waypoint... Mind you all this was before I even heard about EZB... We had to do it old school then with pics, atom micros etc....
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While Niek was at EZ-Robots HQ he mentioned building an arduino module which plugs in to the EZ-B, perhaps something like this could be used so, on detection of a loss of control the arduino module kicks in and issues some simple commands to get the robot/plane/rover back to a safe place.

No clue how to do it though but worth looking at.
It has been mentioned first quarter of the year the development team plans to build in a arduino compiler into ARC so that small projects that need stand alone control without a PC tether can be done. This may give options for stand alone devices and integration of arduino boards to function with an EZB system. There are no specifics as to how the stand alone arduino based microcontrollers will interact with EZB or ARC at this time. There are lots of applications in this "simple processing requirements" area. Stay tuned:)
Just checking in:D

The arduino add-on module Jeremie was designing, was for an early version of the EZ-B mini which was just going to be a downsized version of the v3 with the same mcu. The arduino addon would plug into it acting as a bluetooth module. Because the v4 uses wifi, the baudrate and commands sent from the computer might be a bit too complicated for a tiny AVR to emulate.

Now that they've switched out the pic for something more powerful, who knows what DJ will be able to fit on there. Maybe he'll make it so we can load arduino code onto it. Nothing official, just my 2 cents ;)