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Sdk In C++

how can I use this sdk in C++ Iam learning so please help

I would recommend you start with c# .net if you do not know how to use managed code in c++:) there are dozens of c# examples within the ez-sdk download. Check your local college/university for available public programming introductory courses. There are also a few online courses you can attend. Books and online reason resources can help you also:)

However, why would you not use ARC?
DJ any reason why you picked C# over C++ ,I trying to learn C++ and have a few books

So thinking switch to C# might be hard only the reason is that ,first you need to buy another set of books,and then takes time off from learning C++ to learn a C#

ALSO the dummies book on C programming looks good,i got one on C++
You can use the SDK in C++. Load visual studio and add the EZ-B.DLL as a reference in your CLR C++ application.
OK thanks DJ since i did very litlle program in C++ ,what someone i know making a code for me will tell him
OR if i can find a way to do it,mostly like to try my self
I knew a fair amount of C++ but I wanted to learn C# as well. Once I starting digging into it, I found C# to be a much better language. It is easy to learn and easier to program with than C++.

I highly recommend this series of online videos to learn C#. They are free and have the added benefit of teaching you how to use Visual Studio at the same time.


If you don't have Visual Studio Express yet, you can get it here. It is free.

yes i have the visual studio,not a problem
mostly every code i have for my designs use only C++ and was done for me,second from looking at

Examples for sensor one looking to add no C# examples but not all

plus the time to start learnig a new programming ,when even the first one is hard and almost need to start over

But one someone just started to learn C# its looks like a good idea

MOSTLY books are better then online video or info

C++ WAS ONLY $3 at a goodwill store for C++ for DUMMIES and programming in C++ WAS $5

THEY may have C# BOOKS too ,but for me not a good idea for me to get it now

Also library has so many books you get get for free to use for awhile
at my library there was over 30 on programming