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  • 2011-12-21 - joined Synthiam
  • 2011-12-21 - joined your first forum discussion
  • 2011-12-22 - created first new question
  • 2014-08-24 - connected ARC to the cloud
  • 2018-06-25 - used the Bing Speech Recognition to convert spoken speech into text
  • 2018-06-25 - used Cognitive Face Service to have your robot learn and remember faces

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Need Help Programming C++ Interface

need help programming a c++ interface for yarp so that I can give my robot the ability to learn would gladly make available to the community have tested with arduino and works perfectly if interested let me know have other modules I can give also need help printing the head in abs willing to pay

Open Source

ever thought of make a software devl kit to allow others to add features to you sdk dll

Sdk In C++

how can I use this sdk in C++ Iam learning so please help

Yarp Port

implimented ezb to yarp need image matrix to get salience and advance object recognition and various other ports to get it the ability to get complex stuff and off load other things to multiple computers

Looking For Someone To Convert C++ To Vb.Net

trying to add learning and decision making to ez-robot giving it a neural network but it is in c++ and ez-robot can only be vb or c# I would gladly share code if someone would help

Something To Get Ideas

hey I dont know if you know about this, there is a gnu project called robocub that is trying to get a robot to learn like an 8 year old I have the source but you can get it online free and easy. This program has some perfect ideas to bring over to this. I have been checking out the learning source to see what i can do with it has others too let me...
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