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Asked — Edited

Scrolling Glitch

I still have the scroll glitch that has been moving around that hides half of my project.


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As discussed in another thread, this is an issue with Microsoft windows.
DJ and his team has tried to address this problem to some success. DJ has mentioned this happens to some users that have large projects or/and low resolution monitors. Personally I have a large project and have my Laptop monitor and graphics resolution set high and to 100%. I'm I'm still experiencing this problem but have found a work around. I'll mention that later.

To get your project back to normal go to the Controls Tab on the Menu Bar and click on Smart Arrange. That will bring your project down from under the menu bar and make it so you can scroll again.

I think the ARC team is close to a fix and I have another suggestion for them that may be a work around that may finally solve this windows conflict with ARC. I'll add that suggestion at the bottom of this post.

Here's what I found out a few weeks ago; After your project is back the way you want it to look and your ready to save and exit make sure you are scrolled All The Way up to the top left corner of your project and then click the "Save" button. Then you can exit. When the reminder window pops up and asks you if you "Really Want To Exit?" say yes as usual. HOWEVER. next ARC will ask if "You Want To Save" say NO (Hopefully you already saved as I mentioned in the first step).

The reason for saying "no" to the last request to save that ARC asks is that if you have your project scrolled down towards the bottom this problem with the menu bar hiding the project will happen again. You must use the "Save" button then exit saying "No" to the message box asking is you want to save.

Now, (if they are reading this) here's my suggestion to the EZ Robot team that may work around this conflict (hopefully). As before, ( as I mentioned in a past thread) I've been watching this problem closely with my project because it's such a pain in the butt for me. That's how I found the above work around. To DJ's credit he added a feature in one of his latest upgrades that automatically scrolls larger projects to the top when you exit. This works OK sometimes. However, I think what is happening is that there is not enough time for ARC to completely auto scroll to the top before it shuts down. If I have my project scrolled down towards the bottom and choose "Yes" at the last reminder box that pops up asking me if I "want to save", ARC seems to terminate before the auto scroll up process is complete. Then the next time I open my ARC project it opens at that trapped mid scroll spot. Also there's no way to scroll up to see the trapped top of my project. If there is a way to stall ARC from closing and shutting down till AFTER the Auto scroll up process is complete I think this will avoid the conflict with Windows. Kinda like one of your Sleep() commands in EZ Script.

Hope this helps,
Dave Schulpius