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Scriptflow Questions

My understanding of the script manager is that in order to draw a named box a dependency between two scripts must exist using the command: ControlCommand( "Script Manager", ScriptStart, "TheScriptToBeExecuted")

Some Issues:

1. When adding a new script to the script manager that has the appropriate dependencies to display within the ScriptFlow control. The script manager is not raising an event to notify the Scriptflow control needs to repaint/refresh. Which would show the new script added in the Script Manager control within the ScriptFlow control. Had to close and re-add the control to get it to show the new script.

2. I've added a script with a dependency and the Scriptflow control is not showing it? Even when closing the control and re-adding it.

3. The Scriptflow control is not preserving the camel case name of the script in the Script Manager control. It is performing a lowercase conversion.

4. I saved the project to the cloud. Called it "FloorCrawler - RC car hack". I reloaded the project from the cloud and the Scriptflow control disappeared.


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Thanks for your feedback:)

1) The scriptflow won't update when a new control or script is added. That is not a feature we will plan on adding:)

2) An example would help

3) The scriptflow will convert everything to lowercase

4) The scriptflow will not save with projects because it is a one-time use. Load, look, close... It's an aid for debuging - not a robot control

An example of #2 would be great!
1) Oh, okay. I really like it, as I am getting a sense or modularity and hierarchy of script command workflow design. Was hoping you guys were gonna light it up like you do the script manager control panel. One note on that, your using the color red in the script manger to indicate activity any reason your not using green instead? In the set digital control red is indicating inactivity...

2) Your example, sir ;)... If it is not clear in the video let me know. Perhaps there is some confusion on my part...

4) Oh, I have it open all the time. Useful for pondering my script nomenclature and hierarchy. I know you just rolled it out but please consider it usefulness when working with complex highly scripted projects as tool for debugging and stepping through the run-time sequence.
Check this screen export issue:

When I exported it I initially thought it was WYSIWYG, being the radio button "save current view" was selected. Instead I got a slice that seemed inappropriately sized. On increasing the size slider I do get the entire graph included but the image canvas is not cropped correctly.
Sorry, @DJ I've had a lot of caffeine... More thoughts:

I checked the ARC manual and the example screen shot is a little fuzzy and I can't read the text on it. I do notice you have red lines and blue boxes in the example screen shot. Sometimes I have white boxes on mine. Blue boxes are for references to other controls? Is there some kind of color coding system that is in play?
With the latest update you'll find the script flow has changed quite a bit. There is also a refresh button.

For "ControlCommand" i noticed you pasted and were typing. If you use the Cheat Sheet tab when editing a script, everything you need is there. You only need to click and it'll paste the text:D

Enjoy dude!
Nice, Ez Intellisense! I just found the click and paste. I've always leaned more on the mouse then the keyboard...