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Script To Disable Camera Stream

Hello everyone,

Back from 5 weeks vacation in France it's time to take care of my latest project again. I have a script that disconnect and reconnect some relays such as charging circuit, camera, laser beam and other cat's toys that are attached to my robot. I really appreciate the start/stop camera button that allows EZB to be more stable (it used to crash each time I needed to switch from one cam to another). However since I need to have the camera (IP cam) disconnected from any current in order to recharge the main battery what happens is that ARC still crashes when I want to stop the cam stream on EZB since it doesn't receive any image feed any longer from the camera itself (because my docking script disconnects it). So I need to know what script command I can add to have EZB disabling the camera feed before the device is disconnected. Put it simply I need to know if there's a script to do the same thing that the Start/stop button allows to do in the camera window.

Thanks in advance, Elfege


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Not that I'm aware of, although it shouldn't crash ARC, it should be receiving a jpg stream which will basically just give a black screen with "jpg stream error" on it if the camera is disconnected.

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A recent update has solved this issue - DJ has added in controlcommands for the camera start/stop.


@elfege , I was just checking up and I'm glad to see that an update to ARC has resolved the issue. Could you mark this thread as resolved/ answered. Thank you - Josh