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Script Action Upon Motion - Need Help Quick!

Hey all,

Looks like my ping sensor is not working so I need an alternative. I was hoping to use a web cam. Can anyone tell me if possible and how I could trigger a script upon the detection of motion?

Is this even possible with EZ-Builder? I'm heading to bed soon, but the competition is tomorrow so I hope to have this fixed in the morning. Judging is at 1pm.

You can see some progress here:

Halloween Display

Thanks for your help!


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Press CONFIG on the camera control. Select the SCRIPTS tab. You can now edit the Found and Lost script section to execute. :)

Thanks for the quick reply DJ. Pardon my ignorance, but is there some documentation that describes how these controls work?

I have Tracking Start: controlcommand("Rat", scriptstart)

Number of frames is 2 (started at 8)

I toggle on motion tracking and then move, it tracks me, but the script does not start....

I also just tried moving all of my scripts to a scriptmanager so I could use the syntax in the help tab.

Set both Tracking Start and Tracking End to: ControlCommand( "Script Manager", ScriptStart, "Rat" )

no luck:(
You will have to enable motion detection under the Tracking tab
Ah.... Using the examples I was able to determine that my syntax was fine. Restarted ARC and VOILA! Works like a charm now!

Thanks DJ!