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Screen Capture In ARC

I think that would be an awesome feature. Just a simple button to screen grab and save a jpeg to a folder or the desktop.it can be optimized for file size and resolution.(with all these pictures on this website, I know server space will fill up pretty fast:) ) what do you guys think? currently if I have a issues either with a control or ARC I have to click print screen button and then open photoshop and ctrl,v and save..... just a random thought:)


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Windows 7 has the " Snipping Tool" which would save a step....its what I use for screen captures that converts to a jpeg! :)
Huh, I've never used that.thanks for the tip
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that's a lot faster! cool;)
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For the whole screen...
Hit the print screen button, paste it in paint (or whatever), save, done.

For the active window...
Hit alt & print screen, paste in paint (or whatever), save, done.

If it's a process of clicks and whatnot Windows 7 has the Problem Step Recorder too, which records mouse clicks, key presses and saves screens with a lot of detail. Type problem step recorder in the search box of the start menu.
Thanks @Rich for the other ways to screen capture! :)