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its to bring jd's arm higher.and you can mount the sonar on or pigtail.

yes offcourse youre right.


Why do you have a digital port listed as a connection for that design?


haha just try some thing out.sinds am not know what am doing.


I made a few garbage parts when I first started playing with the EZ Bit Builder. One good thing about the recent upgrade is that I don't have to hassle with them anymore.:) I know DJ has plans to improve the bit builder and library management in the future but when, he could not say. It is on his 8 light year long "to do" list.:)


are there more bits comming availeble ?but 8 years,then i be 59 years old.wooh


I'm not sure if there are new bits coming. I know they made a Go-Pro camera mount recently so, I'm guessing that will go up at some point. You may have to watch the community for people who have made some ez bits. Then the stl files will be in the cloud and you can import them into the bit builder and make the bit for your library yourself.

If you click on my name it should take you to my profile page. Then click on the EZ Bits tab. I recreated the V3 bodies for my ARC because I still only have the V3. I think you can download the stl files and then use them to make the EZ-Bits.


i dont have a printer,so i cant save my design.i have a look on yours. i have no parts yet.the script ez use,is that python c++ ?


Im not sure what you're asking so I'll give several answeres.

EZ Robot uses EZ Script. I'm not sure of the technical details but it's similar to the Arduino language and I do know that Arduino is based off of python.

ARC is Windows based so, it's unlikely that it's python. It's probably made form C#, VB, or C++. Same as the SDK. I want to say that I read it was C# somewhere but I'm not 100% on that.

Does either of these answer your question? If not could you rephrase the question?


ah that explain averything,thank you

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The whole idea of EZ-Bits is that new ones can be created and work with old ones.

I saw a photo a long time ago which had a bit of a concept timeline which included parts which didn't/haven't been added to the library yet. I expect the additional work required for the revolution robots and the delays have impacted that timeline and possibly even changed some plans but the original idea, from what was written on the site is that the community can produce EZ-Bits, submit them to the cloud and then EZ-Robots will check them out to make sure they conform to the standards required, approve them and offer them up for the community.

I expect to see a whole lot more added to the EZ-Bit library over the next months, years, decades etc. from both EZ-Robot but more importantly the community.

I know some are very proficient with 3D modelling, I would love to see them submit new parts which will work with the EZ-Bits. I'd also love to see parts which can be used to easily add servos, motors and accessories to the common toy conversions such as the Omnibot arms and neck, front torso accessories etc. Wall-E parts for easy conversion etc.

I had hoped the 3D designs would have flooded the forums months ago but I guess either people don't want to share their hard work or people haven't been as into the whole 3D modelling as I had hoped they would be. Hopefully over time that'll change though.


i bin on other robot sites.also NAO ,but i never seen so much help on a robot site llike here. totally agree whit you rich.


I can say that the old and new bits do fit together. I printed the new US Ping cover and the Adapter Plate and all of the old bits fit them fine. (I still have to update my 3d printing post to show this.) I did have to do a few quick swipes with an emery board to clean up the edges before they fit good but that's more because my 3d printing process.

When EZ-Bits were first introduced, I was all over them. Everything I know about 3d design and most of what I know about 3d printing was all spawned from the introduction of EZ-Bits. (In a sense, EZ-Bits made me a smarter and better person.) Then when they said they were going to be changing them I stopped messing with them because I didn't want to potentially waste any time on stuff that would no longer be relevant once the new ones came out. So I started focusing on 3d printing and modeling. I made a couple different stands for my e-cigarettes and messed with the concept of engraving parts with a logo.

I think once people start getting their bots, more EZ-Bits will start popping up. It's one thing to design parts "in theory" but, to have your bot staring at you like, "where's my new part?" I think that will put some fire in the old underwear regions and more bits will start popping up.

Also now that the Rotation servo has the male nub stl available, and with the adapter plate having a good female that should be easily trimmed down to just the female port, we now have the 2 pieces we need to where we can potentially just stick those parts onto virtually any other part in existence. I see those 2 connector pieces as the base pieces for easy bits. Stick the male to something and the female to something else then "Clip and Play".

Now that Revolution is getting closer to me I hope to start messing around with all of my 3d and EZ building more. I'll be honest, I throw a lot of these ideas out there so I can go back and read them for myself later as well as hoping to inspire others. I bring it up because I hope to see this later and it remind my to try to hack the female port out of the Adapter Plate so I will have those 2 pieces. Then I can start trying to stick them onto other things and see what happens.

Lastly, thanks again to the entire EZ Robot Community for being a continuing source of information and inspiration to me.


one off my idea was to reset the horn axel.some like a case you can screw on the servo, a cap whit axel in the middle and underneed a gear that connects the original axel.

User-inserted image


Ah, sort of a Clip-On Gearbox. It would be neat to have the spindle in the center of the servo.


it save space ,or used for elbows ,