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Save Blockly Code To Ez-Cloud

I have successfully saved a project to EZ-Cloud, but it does not save a Blockly program I wrote.

It seems the Blockly code is only saved locally. That limits sharing projects, doesn't it?

Or is there something I'm missing when trying to do this?



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Works fine for me... FYI the whole project is saved when saving to the cloud...When you wrote your Blockly program did you save it before exiting the control? If you "x" out without saving first, well then all changes made are gone...


Yes, when I "Save Workspace", the ".ezblockly" file goes to my local drive.

When I try to "Load Workspace", it goes to the same location on the local drive and asks for which file to load.


We're talking PC ARC, not mobile right? There are two separate saves in the Tool bar... one for local and the other for the cloud. You need to save to both if you want your project to be saved locally and to the cloud as well... If you want to download from the cloud you again need to select the Cloud App section of the toolbar...

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The Blockly workspace is different than the Blockly script editor in controls. The workspace you are referring to is merely that. The RoboScratch and Blockly workspaces are for on the fly programming. They are not part of the project.

If you wish to save content to the ezcloud, use a script control in your project. This is done using the Project->add control button in the menu bar.

I recommend visiting the learn section and following through tutorials to get up and running with ezrobot. There are Blockly specific and project specific videos that demonstrate the difference. We’ve put a great deal of effort and resources into the robot program to be certain they provide world class educational material. Have fun!


Yes, that's it. I was in the "on the fly programming" workspace as you said.