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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Hi dose anybody have a Samsung galaxy tab 3 because if you do can you download ez-biulder on it ?


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Short answer, no... ARC only runs on a PC... However, you can use ARC (running on your PC) to build an app that will allow you to control your robot from an android device... It's actually pretty easy... So you make the app on your PC via ARC software, then upload to the EZ Robot cloud... You can then download from the cloud to your Samsung or other android device...
OK thanks guys but can you get a divice that runs ez-biulder ?
Yep, any device that runs windows 7 or Windows 8 (but not RT) should run ARC...
Anthony is there a difference between the Samsung galaxy tab 3 pro to the Samsung galaxy tab 3.7.0 ?
They aren't the same wallet lover. The pro has a larger screen , faster cpu and more memory. If you have any version of the tab 3 from Samsung you will be fine though.
Samsung galaxy tab 3 pro to the Samsung galaxy tab 3.7.0, will be able to run ARC mobile.
It’s really amazing to have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 as it’s a nice phone with attractive features in it. The phone screen is of 8.0" long which looks just awesome. Coming towards its camera, The 5 MP of back camera and 1.3 MP of front camera works fantastically and captures your memories clearly. Phone is equipped with simple interface for ease access. You can take detailed information from samsung website.