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Sabertooth To Ez-B

i made a diagram. is this the way to connect the ez-b to the sabertooth?

User-inserted image

Feel free to edit the pic and repost it.


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United Kingdom
EZB to Sabertoorh
Ground to Ground (ov)
VCC to 5V
Signal to S1

Motors to Sabertooth
As sabertooth instructions - I assume you have it drawn correctly.

Battery to Sabertooth
As sabertooth instructions. Assuming you have it drawn correctly.

If using multiple voltage sources all grounds must be connected as a common ground (as you have shown correctly however may not be needed if the ground on the sabertooth is common, it wont hurt putting it in anyway)

So yes, I think your picture is correct.
i read there was something about grounding the signal from the ez-b by the 0V input on it.

ill see if i get any other comments
Your picture is correct:)
The Sabertooth (at least the 2x25) also has a 5v output that can be used to power the EZ-B so you don't need 2 power sources. But your diagram will work as is.

Hi guys! Im not sure if I am supposed to post like this but is this sabertooth/EZ-B wiring done correctly?

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

United Kingdom
Looks good to me from what little I know about the sabertooth - all that is required to the EZ-B is the signal wire and a common ground on the whole lot.

I assume the dip switches are set correctly (can't quite make them out)