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EZB to Sabertoorh Ground to Ground (ov) VCC to 5V Signal to S1

Motors to Sabertooth As sabertooth instructions - I assume you have it drawn correctly.

Battery to Sabertooth As sabertooth instructions. Assuming you have it drawn correctly.

If using multiple voltage sources all grounds must be connected as a common ground (as you have shown correctly however may not be needed if the ground on the sabertooth is common, it wont hurt putting it in anyway)

So yes, I think your picture is correct.


i read there was something about grounding the signal from the ez-b by the 0V input on it.

ill see if i get any other comments


Your picture is correct :)


The Sabertooth (at least the 2x25) also has a 5v output that can be used to power the EZ-B so you don't need 2 power sources. But your diagram will work as is.



Hi guys! Im not sure if I am supposed to post like this but is this sabertooth/EZ-B wiring done correctly?

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Looks good to me from what little I know about the sabertooth - all that is required to the EZ-B is the signal wire and a common ground on the whole lot.

I assume the dip switches are set correctly (can't quite make them out)


The Dips must yet be switched. thank you for reminding me.

Yes I ran the green wire from the two sets of batterie's black wires so i guess that's the ground and that means its all good ay? thanks rich!

OK just in case this might help someone else

"The ARC software supports the Simplified Serial Mode at 38400 baud rate on the configured port."

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