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Sabertooth Only Controls One Motor (Old Bug?)

I'm having the exact same problems as the person/people in this post: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=2274

The motor that is unresponsive is the one that has a default value of "1" in Ezbuilder. The other motor works perfectly. When the value is adjusted, it does not make a difference and the other motor does not move. When the left motor is adjusted, it does changer. When the right motor is adjusted it still does not make the motor move.

I rewired everything just to make sure, but still only the one motor works from the EZbuilder. I do believe this is the same bug here again.


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That bug had been fixed many months ago. It was a configuration error and passes current tests. Please check your wiring and configuration again:)
That's why I'm confused! I have ground 5v (it says that in the manual but I don't believe that's necessary, but I'm doing it anyway) and signal one to a digital port. The motor is hooked up to the sabertooth correctly. Is it possible it's because I'm on windows 7? I read in the other post I could change a text file, is there anyway to do that? I just beyond confused. And the side that's not working was the side that started at 1
heres what a setup looks like with 2 batteries, one for ez-b and one for sabertooth:

User-inserted image
Thats exactly how I have it wired besides the ground going to the digital port, but i doubt thatd make a difference
Is there no one that can help?
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Check it is wired as Technopro's diagram. If running a separate battery for the motors make sure the grounds on both batteries are connected.
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I would check your wiring carefully or see if someone has an older version of ARC that you perhaps could try out as long shot. I remember that some were added on the following post but no idea which version you could try Files