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Sabertooth In R/C Mode

Is there a way to use the control a Sabertooth in r/c mode rather than serial? I want to use it in conjunction with an r/c transmitter when the robot is not autonomous via the EZ-b (I'll use a multiplexer to do the switching).

The problem I foresee is that I'll have to change dip switch settings each time I need to change from serial / EZ-b mode to r/c / remote control mode.

I did see DJ mention something about using Modified servo control to get the Sabertooth to work in R/C mode, but it didn't look like people were having much success that way and the last EZ builder software only has the Sabertooth working in Serial mode.


I'm open to using a different H bridge if that would allow me to do what I want.




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You can use the modified servo movement panel, but you will need to tweak the settings in the Config menu. I had it working, but do not recall the settings.:)

No matter what I tried with the Sabertooth dip switch settings and EZ-B control configurations I was never able to smoothly change between them....until now.

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