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Asked — Edited

Sabertooth 2X25 & Syren10.

Hey All,

Kicking into high gear to get my R2 ready for the Calgary Comic Expo.

I did try searching for an answer but didn't find any firm topics on running
both motor controllers at the same time.

I have had the Sabertooth running with the EZ-B via serial.

The 2x25 is for my drive motors and the Syren10 is for my dome drive

I know the Syren10 can be serial addressed as well.

How would I go about adding both to EZ Builder?

I'm only allowed 1 movement panel.

Suggestions on how to pull that together?

P.S. I have to drag the 200lb droid back in the house to test. ;-)

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The 2x25 should be your Movement Panel because it is your robot's method of movement. You can only have one Movement Panel because your robot can only physically move one way.

The syren10 can be moved with the SendSerial command. How is the dome being controlled? By the camera? By a joystick? By a wiimote? By speech commands? Etc.. Figure that out and i can give you some pointers
Makes sense.

The 2X25 will be primarily voice controlled, option to do Wii controlled would be a bonus.

I would definitely like to do voice command only for the dome and have the option
to set it to face / color track optionally. R2 "Look left" / "Look right" kind of deal.

Dome can do 360 (Slip-ring) but I'd like to be able to control the rotation speed if

So SendSerial direct to the Syren's address is what your thinking?
Yeah you can sendserial directly to the controller from the voice command.:) easy peasy