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Roseapple Pi For Integrated Computing?

Hey guy, I just found this raspberry Pi-like computer called the RoseApple Pi. I thought it was just another nock-off, but it actually seems pretty good. And it can run android 5.1.1, so ARC android could be used? The lack of wifi might be a problem, but if you got a compatible wifi adapter it would work.

Here's the video I saw.

And in the end, you could also get that Lemaker chip.


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Have you seen the raspberry pi zero? It's $5 and 1 ghz speed with integrated wifi. It will run windows 10 iot, which means the UWP library for ez-robot UniversalBot will work on it. Does require some coding, but it's pretty cool as well!
I saw the Pi zero. Didn't think it had that much power. Could it run ARC?
None of those arm processor dev boards can run a PC operating system. They all use a light-weight linux distro. 1ghz on an arm processor is very different than a PC processor - non-comparable by huge factors. Also, when i mention "Windows 10 IoT", it's because it's not actually windows. It's only the windows kernel. There is no user interface.

So, no - those dev boards cannot run ARC.
Right, but they can be used in your larger robot builds for other things...

Also, some do run android. Pi is working on being able to run android. This would/should allow you to run the android version of ARC. Also, many of the services like nuance have a completely different pricing model for their services when running Android.