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Roomba Movements With Recorder?

First of all Thanks to EZ-Robot for the very fast delivery of the complete kit ordered directly from EZ-robot. I odered it Fri Jan 04 and rec. it Mon Jan 07? Has anyone used the Recorder and Roomba movements? If I start the recorder and move Roomba forward, then reverse, stop recorder. On playback > I get a very slight surge forward, then ok reverse movement. If I playback button. When I tried the Playback made them move to the correct positions that they were directed to. The EZ-Robot software loaded and the EZB connected without issue. I controlled my new Irobot create and both of my older Roomba,s w EZB. I was surprised they operated because the sales slip was dated Jan 2005. The Create appears to be the smoothest moving, but the Roomba,s are old. The voice control on EZB is excellent. I believe the sample rate must be much higher than my old commodore with Covox voicemaster. Maybe someone else has tried Roomba movements utilizing the recoder? Thanks, Steve S.


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I lost part of my post. If I start recorder and move Roomba forward, then reverse, stop recorder. On playback > I get a slight surge forward then correct reverse movement. If I playback < then Roomba goes forward, runs way untill I pick it up. I tried sounding a Roomba note first, then playback> and Roomba moved forward correctly. I tried playback < and Roomba went forward and the note stuck on. Roomba no longer plays sounds. I removed Roomba,s battery trying to reset sound, but it does not tone now when I power it on. Today I connected 2 standard servos with gear attachments to view movements. I recorded left movements on both. They both returned to their starting positions after I pressed the playback< button. They also moved to the correct locations when I pressed the playback> button. The recorder worked fine with servos. Has anyone else tried the Roomba movements utilizing the recorder? Thanks, Steve S.


The recorder records the communication between the PC and EZ-B, and plays it back. When you communicate with a roomba, it sends serial commands in a specific order. If you play the recorder backwards, it will send the serial commands in reverse order. You to backwards sentence a typing like is that.

The help page for the Recorder control specifies that it only plays back the communication, and not the GUI interface activity.

So it can't understand when you talk backward. So the roomba will not be able to use the reverse playback button.

(: sense makes that I hope


Thanks DJ for responding. I understand that I will not be able to use the reverse playback button because Roomba utilizes serial input for commands.
The first movement on forward playback is cut off or very short. If I record forward movement, then reverse, only the reverse is played back after pressing the > button on the recorder. If I send it a note first, then forward movement, then reverse movement, then playback will include the forward movement and the reverse movement.
I wonder how difficult it would be to add a button on the Roomba Movement Panel that would read the wheel encoder packet then send Roomba home to a starting position. I realize I would have add another wire out from Roomba interface to send packet content info. If not on my Roomba, what about my Irobot create? If this is not possible, maybe I can utilize an IR code to home Roomba or seek dock, or Create by partially covering part of the infared on a virtual wall (one of Create,s sample programs that I have not tried yet). Thank you for such a cool product, I have another one on order. Steve S.