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Roli'S Two Wheel Speed Is Different

I got a problem with Roli. When the Roli make forward, I found that its right wheel moves faster then the left wheel!

How can I adjust it to make straight forward?



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Adjust the PWM of the faster motor (the two sliders to the right of the movement panel, one will control the speed of one motor, the other controls the speed of the other motor)


There are separate speed control sliders on the Movement Panel that control the PWM (speed) of each wheel. First, make sure they are both even. If they are, then lower the side that is too fast.

If it is because one of the wheels is slipping in the tread, you can add some friction tape to the drive wheels under the tread: see and/or lower the chassis to make the treads tighter (see post #15 of )



The problem with that is that it resets the sliders to default when I run a script. Is there a way to manually set the pwm within the ez script?


From the EZ-B script manual:

"PWM (digitalPort, speed) Set the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to the desired duty percentage cycle This simulates voltage on the specified pin (Between 0 and 5v) PWM Value is between 0 and 100 Example: PWM(D14, 90)"